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Field Visit To The Dumping Sites Of Ramkote

Field Visit to the dumping Sites of Ramkote


A field visit to the dumping site of Ramkote was organised for Semester 3rd of GDC, Ramkote under the guidance of Principal Dr. Ashu Vashisht. The students were accompanied by Lect. Kamni and Lect. Shewali Gupta. During the trip , the students were informed about the ill effects of the open dumping of the waste. They were also made aware of the pollution of water bodies and their degradation. Following the field trip, the students discussed how they can get the community to improve the situations, work to get a community recycling program underway, organize community cleanups, start a hazardous waste collection effort; encourage composting, moving the dump from vulnerable waterways or public gathering places, burying the trash, fencing the dump to keep away stray dogs and monkeys, livestock, and especially children; removing mosquito breeding sites.